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Agency Giant to Switch to Automated Media Buying

Bottom Line: Agency holding company Interpublic is to automate 50% of its media buying over the next three years, thereby changing the face of the global media buying landscape. Rivals are likely to follow suit.

Automated media buying, aka Programmatic buying, is the future of all media according to Bonin Bough, vp of media and consumer engagement at FMCG titan Mondelez. Speaking at the recent Cannes Lions International Festival, Bough predicted that the whole world will become “digital exchange based” and that brands must ensure they have ...

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... smart data strategies in place to reap the benefits."

Predicted Mr Bough: “TV is probably going to be traded on digital exchanges sooner and more rapidly than digital itself was – everything will be programmatic buying."

Interpublic is the first of the big four agency holding companies [Publicis/Omnicom, WPP, Interpublic and Havas] to introduce a wholly automated media buying programme, although the others undoubtedly have similar plans. 

According to Todd Gordon, evp at Interpublic's media arm Magna Global: "Programmatic buying will be a subset of the automation movement." Mr Gordon added that  there is a need to bring the tactic to buying national and local, radio, display and most media.

“The demands of the data require a technological platform to secure the inventory,” he said at an industry event earlier this week. Gordon also addressed the need for improved cross-platform metrics, saying: “We’d like them to be stronger and more robust.”

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