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Which Half of Your Advertising is Wasted? This Half ...

Bottom Line: After more than a century of failed efforts, accurate measurement of ad effectiveness is finally possible.

One of adland's most quoted aphorisms ("Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half") has this week been laid to rest by modern technology. After more than a century, the quote - respectively attributed to Unilever founder William Lever and/or US department store tycoon John Wanamaker - has been laid to rest by digital technology which enables ...

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... ad measurement services such as Tivo Research & Analytics, Nielsen Catalina and Nielsen MBI to quantify the “the amount of your product that was consumed by people before they saw your ad and the amount consumed after they saw your ad."

According to CBS research guru David Poltrack such services "can document the return from advertising.” 

The impact of this development on TV advertising can’t be overestimated. “It’s is something advertisers have always wanted,” Poltrack says.

“Financial management has always put pressure on marketing departments to measure the value of investments in advertising, and now for the first time we can do that with precision.”

How? Measurement services collect data from millions of set-top boxes and compare viewing behavior with information about what those same households actually buy, gathered via shopper cards. The method — single-source measurement — gauges TV viewing and product consumption of the same household.

“This allows us to go back to an advertiser and say, ‘you sold X hundred thousand more tubes of toothpaste to people who saw your ads than to people who didn’t,’” says Poltrack. “It answers the Wanamaker question.”

More than that, Poltrack adds, it allows advertisers to zero in at the program level and see which TV shows are working for their products, and even which creative is best, and make adjustments to increase its effectiveness.

Consumers agree to share their information when they get their shopper cards but, says Poltrack, privacy remains protected through “double blind matching,” which maintains two databases — viewing and shopping — that are merged only after identifying data is stripped away.

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