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Adobe Debuts New Digital TV Sales Tool

Trend Summary: Adobe Systems aims to level planning playing field for digital TV sellers.

TV ad buyers currently rely on state-of-the-art toolboxes to assist them in negotiating deals for cross-platform audience-based media buys. However, IT giant Adobe Systems aims to change the name of the game, arguing that the tools currently used by media sellers are ...

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... rusty and that Adobe can help chamfer away that 'rust'.

With this end in mind, the Texan titan has introduced a TV Media Management platform for audience-based planning, forecasting, and yield management in digital, non-linear TV systems such as Roku, Apple TV and gaming consoles.

The system, made available last week, incorporates cross-platform viewership data from Adobe Analytics, which currently works with top drawer TV clients such as FOX, Comcast, NBC Sports, ESPN, Turner Broadcasting, MLB and Viacom.

Hypes Jonathan Tabak, group product manager at Adobe Primetime:"You need a tool that can factor-inĀ  all those dimensions".

In a typical scenario, a media seller might need to know how an ad client's desired audience overlaps with particular TV shows.

The seller might, for example, import data from an advertiser's brand, overlay that data with show viewer data in Adobe Analytics, then add in other requirements such as preferred device types or geographic targets.

From thereon, the platform predicts the number of impressions expected to be available during the planned campaign run.

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Source: AdAge.com
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