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eMail To Remain Top Internal Messaging Tool Through 2020

Trend Summary: eMail is predicted to remain chief internal communications tool for the next three years.

According to a pair of studies by IT recruiting company Robert Half Technology, eMail will remain the primary internal communications tool for the next three years. after which it is likely to ...

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... cede ground to technologies such as instant messaging. 

Of the CIOs surveyed in the dual studies, 73% believe that eMail will remain the primary communications medium through 2020, and 53% of office workers agree.

However, email does less well in terms of effectiveness.

When asked to name the most effective channels for daily communications — i.e for initiating projects — 41% of CIOs chose email. That was followed by in-person meetings (22%), instant messaging (13%), phone calls (9%), internal social networks (8$) and video conferencing (7%).

The CIOs who did not believe email will remain the most common medium through 2020, 31% cited instant messaging. This belief was followed by in-person meetings (21%), phone calls (19%), video conferencing (16%) and internal social networks (12%).

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[Estimated timeframe:Q3 2017]

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Source: Mediapost.com
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