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Amazon's New Video Ads Invade Ad Agency Territory

Trend Summary: With atypical modesty IT titan Amazon invaded adland last weekend with its incursion into Video advertising.

Hurling down its gauntlet at the feet of traditional ad agencies, Jeff Bezoz's latest moneymaking wheeze enables marketers to run an autoplay feature in videos whilst online shoppers browse ...

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... the Amazon platform via desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones.

The ads are muted by default. With a single click, site visitors can choose to view the ads in full-screen mode whist also listening to them. 

Amazon's engineers developed the video ads to follow standards laid down by America's Media Rating Council and the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Adherence to these standards mean that at least 50% of any advertisement must remain in view for two consecutive seconds. The autoplay feature starts only when the ad is in view, and it automatically pauses when the ad goes out of view.

Amazon's video ads are also on offer in a variety of countries beyond the United States, among them Canada, the UK, France, Italy, Japan, Germany and Spain.

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[Estimated timeframe:Q1 2017]

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