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EU Supports Publishers Fight Against Google-Facebook Duopoly

Trend Summary: EU gives publishers a boost against Google-Facebook duopoly. 

 European publishers have found an ally in their struggle against the online media “duopoly” of Google and Facebook after two committees of the European Parliament voted to approve a proposed new ...

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... statute making it easier for publishers to demand payment from the US duopoly for indexing and reposting even small pieces of their content.

However, the law isn’t yet final. It still has to be approved by the Parliament’s legal affairs committee, with a vote due in October 2017.

Despite Parliament's snail-like legislative progress ithe situation is causing alarm among internet freedom advocacy groups, especially as the new law would affirm publishers’ ownership and copyright protections for all content they create.

This would bar Google and Facebook from automatically “scraping” the content and distributing selected clippings to their users, either in search results or news feeds, unless publishers opted in to allow these automated functions.

Moreover, to Larry and Sergey's, consternation the proposed legislation would enable publishers to require payment for Google's right to index and share headlines and other content.

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