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Google Analytics is Illegal, Aver German Officials

German data protection officials are claiming that Google Analytics web tracking service is in breach of the country’s privacy laws, because it gathers detailed stats on web site visitors without their explicit consent.

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Two years ago, Google cut the length of time it keeps users’ personal search data from ‘18-24 months’ to a maximum of 18 months, following questioning by European Union data protection officials.

This data includes the search term typed in, the address of the Internet server and sometimes more personal information contained within cookies.

The German officials are now lobbying to pass a law that will fine companies that use the tool, which enables web site owners and publishers to collect information about the number, whereabouts and search behaviour of their visitors.
They also fear that accessing information about visitors to sites such as health insurance companies, could allow creation of profiles containing too much personal information.

In addition, the officials say that Google Analytics does not comply with legislation that prohibits individuals’ data leaving the country.

In its defence, Google says it is ‘completely confident’ that the tool conforms with European data protection laws, and also complies with the Safe Harbour treaty that allows data to flow between Europe and the US.

The German ULD privacy commission – which is equivalent to the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) – said in a statement that its concerns about how Google Analytics complies with privacy legislation are not resolved.
‘We have the regulators of the Federal and State Governments in conversation with Google,’ the organisation said.

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