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EU Proposes New Rules to Limit Web Tracking for Ads

Trend Summary: The European Union has proposed new rules that could limit web tracking for Ads.

The proposed EU legislation requires prior consent by internet users to accept website cookies, a move that could adversely impact upon advertising revenues for major ...

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... ad brokers and website publishers.

The European Commission, the trade bloc’s executive arm, this week proposed new rules that would require web users to actively consent to the use of cookies, tiny pieces of code deployed on web browsers that track individuals’ online activity.

The draft rules are intended to protect user privacy and provide more transparency as to how companies use an individual’s data. According to a recent survey, 80% of Europeans say it is important that tools like browser cookies are only allowed with the user’s permission.

According to a EU press release: “Transparency is important. People must know whether information stored in their devices is being accessed or whether their online behavior is tracked.”

When installing a browser or any other software facilitating electronic communications, users would have to choose whether to allow or reject the tracking for marketing purposes before continuing with the installation.

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