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'Gig Economy' on Growth Track Despite Growing Pains

Trend Summary: Uber and Airbnb undergo growing pains as 'gig economy' matures.

San Francisco headquartered global online transportation network Uber Technologies Inc is reeling in the wake of last week's decision by a UK court that it could not classify its drivers as self-employed and must therefore ...

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...  pay them the national living wage plus holiday pay and other employment benefits.

The court's ruling could also extend to another highflying online business, the worldwide accommodations site Airbnb.

Commenting on ther court's decision, Andy Hood, head of emerging technologies at global digital ad agency agency AKQA opined: "Technology innovation is ahead of behaviour and behaviour is ahead of legislation".

Mr Hood also maintains that "current laws do not apply well to the gig economy", adding that "people who provide the services that platforms like Uber and Airbnb offer are not really ‘self-employed’ as we would normally understand that term, nor full-time employees – but something in-between".

Moreover, says Hood: "The gig economy (an environment in which temporary positions are common and organisations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements) will be in a state of flux until global legislation catches up with what amounts to a new class of worker."

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