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US Senators Demand Action On Ad-Click Fraud

Trend Summary: Two US Democrat Senators are demanding assurances from the Federal Trade Commission that action be taken to eliminate ad-click fraud.

In a letter to the Federal Trade Commission [FTC], Democrat Senators Chuck Schumer and Mark Warner seek assurances about programs that enable hackers to seize control of multiple computers remotely, providing them with access to consumers' ...

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... personal information.

Messrs Schumer and Warner specifically request the FTC to provide details on what it's doing to crack down on ad-click fraud.

Say the duo: "These programs allow hackers to seize control of multiple computers remotely, providing them access to personal information as well as the ability to remotely install malware to engage in advertising fraud, entirely unbeknownst to the computer's true owner".

Internet advertising revenues in 2015 were estimated at $59.6bn - but say the duo "many of the purchased ads are not reaching their intended audience, instead, they are being intercepted by botnets".

Maintain Schumer and Warner: "Bots plague the digital advertising space by creating fake consumer traffic, artificially driving up the cost of advertising in the same way human fraudsters can manipulate the price of a stock by creating artificial trading volume."

Last month, the World Federation of Advertisers predicted that by 2025, fake Internet traffic schemes will be second only to the cocaine and opiate markets as a form of organised crime.

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[Estimated timeframe:Q3 2016]

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