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Brand 'China' Seen as Cool, Overtakes Foreign Rivals

Trend Summary: A global revolution in sentiment towards Chinese goods has spread, gaining new respectability for “Made in China” brands.

A quality Chinese brand has emerged, enabling the nation's manufacturers not only to catch up with their more established foreign rivals, but starting to surpass them in China and elsewhere. The Made in China brand no longer means ...

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... cheap, inferior, and unfashionable.

Instead the 'respectable' Chinese brand has emerged, many of which have not only caught up with their more established foreign rivals but have started to overtake them - not only in China but elsewhere on the globe.

According to an article penned today by Wade Shepard in Forbes.com, 70% of smartphone sales in China back in 2011 were from three foreign brands: Nokia, Samsung, and Apple.

While Mark Tanner, the director of Shanghai-based consumer research firm China Skinny, recalls that “any self-respecting Chinese consumer wouldn’t be seen dead with a local brand.”

Now, barely five years later, this has dramatically changed.

Says Tanner: “Last year, eight of the top-ten smartphone brands were Chinese,”“with Huawei and Xiaomi in the top spots and local brands quickly eroding the two foreign brands, Apple and Samsung.”

Read the orginal unabridged Forbes.com article.

[Estimated timeframe:Q2 2016]

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Source: Forbes.com
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